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Adam Kraft

Adam Kraft

The carpenter Ulrich Kraft might be the father of Adam Kraft. Ulrich gained the Nuremberg civil rights in 1451. He worked als journeyman from 1464 till 1467 on the biggest building project of its time: the east choir of St. Lorenz church, since 1480 as bourgeois and craftsman, 1490 as stonemason at the "new spital" (Holy Ghost Spital - Heilig Geist Spital)

Adam Kraft was born about 1455/60. Unfortunatelly there are no reports about his birth nor other sources of his childhood or youth. But something is known about the years 1490 till 1508.

After a few years of travel as a journeyman, Adam Kraft married his first wife Margareta. He settled as a craftsman with his own workshop. His house was located in the today named Entengasse in Nuremberg, not far away from the "Mendelschen Zwölfbrüderhaus". 1503, after his wife had died, he married Barbara, probably a widow.

He had enough orders and works very hard, but he always had debts. Peter Imhoff the elder, who buyed the house of the craftsman after his death, had borrowed him 310 Gulden (a great amount of money).

In his late years Adam Kraft was very sick, had to stay in bed and couldn't work any longer. The last month of his life he lived in the hospital in Schwabach (25 km southbound of Nurmeberg), together with his wife. He died in January 1509 an they buried him 21 of January 1509 on the graveyard of St. Lorenz church. Later the graveyard was transfered to St. Rochus, though the graves stayed and were leveled off a few decades later.

The best known masterpiece of Adam Kraft was the sacramental building in the east choir of St. Lorenz. He portrayed himself in this building as one of the kneeling figures, on whose shoulders the secramental building has its place. There he is shown as a man being 35 - 40 years old with working cloth and a strong beard. In his hand he holds a wooden stonemanson's maul layed on his thigh (see picture above).

The most importante private orders and orders of the council of the free city Nuremberg:

  • Schreyer-Landauer Epitaph, 1490 - 92
    - out on the east coir of St. Sebaldus churche
  • The sacramental building in the choir of St. Lorenz church (nearly 19 meter high)
    - a donation of the councillor Hans IV Imhoff
    - a masterpiece of open stonework, 1493 - 96
  • The relief of the city scale, 1497
    - (the original is located in the German National Museum)
  • Stations of the cross located in the Burgschmietstraße to Johannis graveyard, 1506 - 08
    - donated from knight Heinrich Marschalk von Rauheneck from Bamberg
    - today they are replaced by copyies, the originals are located in the German National Museum
  • Pediment on the Micheals choir of the women's church - Frauenkirche, 1506 - 08
    - ordered by Nuremberg council




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