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Who knows, where the "Bürgermeistergarten" (engl. Mayor's garden) is located? I have not known it for a long time, as well I did'nt know where the medical plant garden is. Just by accident I've found this magic places in the middle of Nuremberg.

When you walk from the old city to the Neutor, just the other side of the tower you find a small door. When you walk through and take the steps leading up, you are in the Bürgermeistergarten. On bottom you can find pictures of it.

On the end of the Bürgermeistergarden you come to a gallery, from where you have a phantastic few over the Tiergärtnertorplatz and to the Albrecht-Dürer-Haus.

When you go further you come to the castle's garden.

For all, who come from the other direction: Through the lower entrance into the castle's garden, streight left and down the narrow stepps. There you are, in Bürgermeistergarten. Just bevor you go down the stepps you find the galery with view over Tiergärtnertorplatz.

Walk through Bürgermeistergarten