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History tour
trough Nuremberg

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  Anfänge 1050 - 1300   Beginnings
  des Reiches Schatzkästlein 1300 - 1550   The treasury of the empire
  Niedergang 1550 - 1806   Decline
  Nürnberg kommt zu Bayern 1806 - 1932   Nuremberg, city in bavaria
  NS-Zeit und Nürnberger Prozesse 1932 - 1947   Nationalsocialism and
Nuremberg trials
  Provinzstadt 1947 - 2000   Provincial city
  bald im Aufschwung? 2000 - today  Soon upswing?



before 1050 Moving kings used to live in kings courts round norenberc
1050 Sigena document - First mentioning of Nuremberg. Soon after a settlement was founded
1062 The settlement was granted market rights the prerogative of coinage and the right to levy tolls by Henry II
1072 The cleric and hermit Sebaldus is mentioned from 1072 in documents.
ca. 1100 Building of the "Burggrafenburg" (Castle of the Castle Counts)
ca. 1139 Start of the building of the "Kaiserburg" (Emperor's Castle) through Konrad III and Friedrich I (two-storey castle chapel)
1219 Der "große Freiheitsbrief" from Friedrich II gave the people the privileges as citizens of a free imperial city. Urban self-administration was extended step by step. The city was allowed to administer theire taxes by the city government and got economical privileges that were to increase in 1332
1256 First mentioning of the City Council of Nuremberg.
Nuremberg participated in the "Rheinischen Städtebund"
1278 Revindikation through Rudolf II.
im 13. Jh. Building of the "Nassauer Haus"
um 1320 Forming of the patrician council declaration.
The last but one city wall was shut
1339 The opening of the "Heilig Geist Spital" (Holy Ghost Spital). It was donated by Konrad Groß, that time the richest citicen of Nuremberg