Ramona was born about 2006-05-15
and came to me 8 December 2006.

Newest pecture July 2010
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July 2010 - Holidays

Time for cat studies

On the balcony

January 2010 - A new year!

cat eating culture :-)

Rest after the christmas holidays

August 2009 - The duck season is open!

Ramona duck hunting

Tired after duck hunting

March 2009 - kitchen cat in carnival ecstasy

Ramona in carnival ecstasy

Ramona the kitchen cat

September 2008 - A better few from above

Ramona has an overview

Summer 2008

Cat in planter

Loll in the sunchair

February 2008 - Ramona - the Yogacat!

She loves it to sit on the yoga pillow!

December 2007 - Ramonas 2. X-mas celebration

Now she is one year with me

She loves to lay on my legs

October 2007 - Ramona is very active

She loves to play with textiles

September 2007 - the autum has come

Last sunbeam on the balcony

Ramona helps sewing and eating


August 2007 - If it is uncomfortabel outside

The second plane is ready

From the cat tree (right) Ramona goes to the second plane, the bookshelf

The new hammock is now her favorite place!

And now upwards


Inside you can stand the heat!

July 2007 - time for balcony!

South-east balcony (livingroom) sun from sunrise till about 16:30

North-east balcony (kitchen), sun from about 16.30 till sundown

June 2007 - Ramona loves her cat tree

May 2007 - Ramona now is one year

April 2007 - Ramona looks from the balcony

January 2007 - Ramaona climates herself


X-mas 2006


December 2006 - Ramona came on 8 December 2007


That was the first picture, taken from animal shelter Feucht:



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